Full Board

- Excellent quality hay

- Each horse is fed individually to their special needs

- High quality grain is used with a balance of protein and minerals

- Supplements administered

- Stalls cleaned daily

- Daily turnout (weather permitting)

- Custom care for your horse to include: blankets, boots, trimming of  manes

- Use of facilities at the barn

- Newly built vet clinic very near by with state-of-the-art equipment


- Putting a solid foundation of basics on your /new/ horse beginning with the ground work

- Starting/Breaking a young horse

- Problem solving (diagnosed and correcting)

- Building confidence for horse and/or rider

- Rehabbing injuries or glitches in your horses performance

- Very good with off the track thoroughbreds

- Introducing your horse to the show ring

- Getting your horse ready for sale

- Training levels available from beginner through advanced  (for rider and/or horse)

- Polishing and detailing the advanced or FEI horse

- Competing for your young horse through an older horse to move up through the levels of competition

- Cross training available (giving your horse the basics to go to different discipline(s) or excel in the one they are currently in)

- Will coach horse and rider at shows (currently have a team that goes to shows)

- Will work with you as your needs require and as you and your horse progress through training

Santel Farms

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