Santel Farms

"His own life [Major Robert Borg] was the highest teaching example to which one could aspire. By instilling kindness with a will that is calm, yet inflexible, he brought out the best qualities of the horses and riders that crossed his extraordinary path. His indomitable will, strength, and courage enabled him to provide expert training to more than 600 horses over 45 years at his Thoroughbred Red Bob Farm in Oxford, Michigan. He took the raw material that presented itself to him, whether human or equine, and brought out the best that was in it. His students included Sandra Elwood and Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame members, Chuck Grant and Violet Hopkins. Elwood, a Grand Prix rider, said, “What Major Borg has done and taught has changed lives for horses and people, brought the rider and horse back together as a whole, instead of two separate entities.”"

      - Excerpt from the induction speech of Major Robert Borg into The Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame, given by USDF President, Sammuel J. Barish


Sandy Elwood


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"Sandy is a very classically trained rider who has great instinct and is very empathetic and encouraging to the horses she works with. She has developed a great rapport with our young horses and is doing a wonderful job with them. We are really looking forward to watching as she takes them up the levels. We can't say enough good things about Sandy and the program at Santel Farms!"

                                                         - Kim & Allen MacMillan at Loon Creek Enterprises, Hunting, IN (Breeders of Sport Horses and Ponies for over 35) years